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At Simply Rentals, our tenants are our clients

Without you, we have no business.

So we strive to ensure you feel appreciated from the first moment you meet us.

Image by Kusumo Nugroho

Application process

  • We respond to every single application

  • You can apply online by clicking here.

  • We respect your privacy and only ask the questions we need to.

  • Visit the tenancy services website to learn about the application process.

The info you need

Helping you make smart, informed decisions. We recommend visiting tenancy services to learn about what you can expect from any property you rent. We also recommend checking out our blog for tips on having your application accepted.

Renting through us

When you become one of our tenant clients, you can look forward to:

  • Timely response to all maintenance requests

  • Communication with respect at all times

  • To be treated like a real person with real needs, real challenges and valid concerns.

It's our goal to be on first-name basis with every one of our clients and to make your renting experience a positive one.

Ready to apply for one of our properties?

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