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What to expect when you visit a property lawyer - with Claire Tyler

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

In our latest podcast, Claire Tyler, partner at Wellington law firm Rainey Collins, answers common questions regarding the legal side of buying and selling real estate. Including:

  • How to find a good property lawyer

  • The role of a property lawyer - what they bring to the table

  • When buyers and sellers should engage with a lawyer

  • Disclosure obligations for sellers

  • What to watch out for when buying off the plans

  • The value of practical advice and understanding risk

We go in-depth on each topic and also cover simple questions, like: "What does the word conveyancing mean?" Whether you are a first home buyer or seasoned investor, you will find value in what Claire has to say...

Subscribe to the show by searching for 'Simply Property' in your favourite podcast app. You can find out more about Claire at the Rainey Collins website:

This episode was brought to you by the team at Simply Rentals - providing property management services to the greater Wellington region.



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